CSA End of Week 1

Who would have thought produce could be stressful? It was the Asian greens. I had planned to cook them in a soup on Wednesday but due to some family issues, I wasn’t able to. And I had plans on Thursday evening (another 5k!), so I was worried I would find a slimy mess on Friday instead of the crisp bunch of greens I had picked up the weekend before.

I guess the best thing about a CSA is that the produce is so fresh. The Asian greens held out! I used them in a soup and also sauteed some to go along with some pork I had leftover.

I was a lean, mean, vegetable eating machine last week.

My biggest cooking success of the week was the Swiss Chard with white beans and sausage, using this recipe: Kale with Sausage and White Beans.  

I also made a pretty banging radish and kohlrabi slaw using the following as a guide: Radish Salad.

That was definitely my first encounter with kohlrabi and I haven’t eaten a ton of radishes that I know of. But show me a recipe that lets me use the fresh cilantro in my garden, and I’ll try it.

My only bummer of the week was the turnips. I don’t know that I like turnips. I tried making turnip fries in the oven… I did force myself to eat them throughout the week, but today what was left went in the garbage.

So I guess turnips 1, Jaime 0?

Week In Review

Another Week, Another Sunday

Earlier today I told my friend how once it gets to Sunday evening evening, I start to feel a bit stressed and depressed. She said she calls it Sunday Night Depression. I think the appropriate Rx for this is a vacation. (Six weeks until cruise time!)

Does anyone else get down on Sunday nights? I’m dreading going back to another tedious work week. But I guess it could be worse. I mean, last week did kind of suck work-wise, but I got through it and only had one really terrible 10.5 hour day. And there were good things about the week.

I went on an outside (!!) run on Sunday. I had a nice power yoga class on Monday. I had a decent run on the treadmill on Friday. I enjoyed some delicious healthy (and colorful! see tomorrow’s post) food. I was challenged (per usual) at my trainer Saturday morning. I treated myself to some gorgeous cupcakes at the farmers market as a reward. (Oops.)

And being able to do all those things means that I do have it pretty good. What the heck – bring it on, Monday.

Mid-Week Break

Rest Day, Not So Restful

Earlier today I was composing a post on my feelings on rest days in my head. Does anyone else do that? Starting writing posts in your head in hopes that you’ll be able to get it all out later when you actually sit down at the computer?

Anyway, a 10.5 hour workday happened and I guess I’ll attempt to recreate my thoughts on rest days another time. The stress of the day pushed a lot of my ideas out of my head.

The stress of the day also kind of had me yearning for a workout. a long run, even a leisurely walk. Even though my body has been feeling pretty tired of lack of rest days…

Oh well. Time to get ready for bed because tomorrow could be another rough one. And it’s not a rest day! Good night, everyone.

Week In Review

Rest and Reset Day

I’m not gonna lie. The last week or so was a rough one for me in all sorts of ways. Work has been super busy, which equates to stress and stress eating. At social events, I didn’t attempt any modicum of self control with my food choices. And to top it all off, I was PMSing.

I thought I’d have no problem getting rid of those pesky few pounds I put on over the holidays. After all, I’m pretty stringent with my exercise routine, so all it would take is buckling down and cutting some calories. While I do pretty well left to my own devices, social occasions are still dietary free-for-alls. And weighing in at the trainer yesterday proved that I was not back “on track.”

So when I woke up this morning, slightly hungover and still exhausted because I didn’t get to bed until almost 2 a.m., I couldn’t bear the thought of going to the gym and pounding away on the treadmill. Usually even when I don’t want to go workout, I go workout because it’s only a “kind of” don’t want to go and I feel better once I get going. But this morning was a really really don’t want to go. I listened and took it easy today.

I’m calling it a rest and reset day. I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had my downtime. And I’m the type of person that needs me time in order to feel right. I made myself a nice lunch, did some light cleaning and laundry, and plopped my butt on the couch to watch TV and nap with the cats.

I’ve also spent some time poking around in my head, trying to figure out what’s going on with me. Making a mental catalog of how I’m feeling about things, what I want right now, what I don’t want. I also tried to set an intention for myself going forward; rework my frame of mind for success, rather than failure.

I think it’s going to work.

Week In Review

Week In Review: Too Social, Too Stressed

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately! I’ve been away from WordPress for most of the week. Between work events, friends and family, I’ve been busy. I didn’t make any time to sit down and put my thoughts in order. And I’m feeling a bit out of touch with myself. I think a little self check-in is in order.


I weighed in poorly at my training session yesterday, which is no surprise since I overate for most of the week. There was a lot of delicious food available to me and boy did I enjoy it. Being so social this week, I also ended up drinking a lot and feeling kind lousy because of it. At the last two events, I didn’t even want to drink anymore. I don’t know why I didn’t just order something non-alcoholic.

My trainer commented that I’m looking stronger and I can see more muscle definition in my arms and shoulders. I joked that it’s because I’ve been feeding my muscles so much lately…

I am also feeling really tired. Friday night I slept on the couch for four hours before actually going to bed. I think the worst part of drinking is that it really messes with my sleep.


Right now I’m a little stressed. It’s a long weekend and there’s a lot I want to get done around my house. Busy season is looming at work and I know I’m going to have less free time soon, so I want to finish organizing my basement and my whole place needs a good cleaning. I got a lot done cleaning-wise today. Tomorrow I’m going to work on the basement. I can’t seem to relax and turn off the “go-go-go” mindset I had all day today.

Focus on the good things

Since I’m feeling kind of lousy right now, I’m going to focus on some of the nice things that happened last week:

  • Lovely dinner date at my friend’s house
  • Running on the treadmill and actually feeling good during it
  • Getting up on stage in front of over 100 people at the work offsite and not panicking about it
  • Taking my mom out for her birthday and having a nice time

I’m starting to feel better/calmer already.

Week In Review

Week In Review: Sweaty Selfies?

I am getting sucked into a Hallmark movie instead of cleaning my house. So I figure, might as well multitask and get something off my to-do list! I almost don’t want to think back over the last week. At least to the beginning of it. Between hormones, the full moon and work stress, I felt like a terrible mess.

I also fell prey to emotional eating. I guess the good news is that all the sea salt caramels are gone now.

The better news is that I still managed to drop 1.2 pounds of holiday weight… Still a little more to go though.

As the week went on, I started feeling a bit better. I’ve also gotten over my mental block against the treadmill by working on running some intervals. Over the last year I was more focused on building my distance and endurance, that I wasn’t that concerned about speed. Small increases were coming naturally and I was glad to be running sub-10 minute miles consistently by the fall. Running inside, I’ve realized that focusing on distance is pretty miserable, so I am trying to mix it up a bit. So far, so good!

Another exciting thing is that my trainer is starting a point tracking program where we can earn free services with her. We get points for logging or journaling our meals and workouts, points for workouts themselves, and points for taking pictures of healthy meals and for sweaty selfies. Between yesterday and today I’ve been wracking up the healthy meal pics, but I totally forgot to take a selfie after I rocked 4 miles on the treadmill this morning. Shoot.

Week In Review

Week In Review: Christmas Countdown Is On

I think I’m due for a new laptop. This one can’t even handle word documents anymore. I had a whole post typed up and lost it (twice now!)… That’ll teach me not to save while I’m working (apparently I’m a slow learner today). Well, let’s see… Can I remember what I wrote?

I think I finally have Christmas under control. I finished my shopping. Presents are wrapped under the tree. I have all the ingredients I need for my giant day of baking on Tuesday. I think it’s finally time to relax. And that’s what I’m doing today with some Hallmark Christmas movies. (Anyone else love these??)

And I’m already way off track from where this post should be going. I think it’s because I don’t really want to rehash last week. It was just stressful and exhausting. Work has been rough with a lot of work coming in and people being out for the holidays. I also ran a bunch of errands during the week, which isn’t my favorite thing. I’m the type of person that really needs my downtime. Add on getting up for my morning workouts, and it was a busy week. Continue reading