CSA Week 2: Results

I wasn’t as stressed out by my veggies this week. Maybe I’ve already adapted to the fact that getting a weekly CSA share means extra cooking. And I had some success with the turnips! Yay! I don’t hate them. I made a Turnip and Onion Soup, which also included potatoes. I think the potato cut the turnip-y taste a bit and helped me enjoy them more.

I also made a yummy chicken stir fry that included the tatsoi and snap peas. Snap peas are really tasty! I’ve been missing out on those for sure. I used the greens from both the turnips and beets in a lentil dish, which was good as well.

My one “fail” for the week was the kale and the beets, surprisingly. I do like both. But I tried a kale and roasted beet salad that just didn’t taste good leftover. It was good the first time I ate it when it was fresh. The second time i had it, I choked it down a little. And then i just couldn’t bring myself to eat the third serving. Live and learn, i guess.

Do you have any good recipe suggestions for the next time I see kale or beets in my share?


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