CSA Week 2: Results

I wasn’t as stressed out by my veggies this week. Maybe I’ve already adapted to the fact that getting a weekly CSA share means extra cooking. And I had some success with the turnips! Yay! I don’t hate them. I made a Turnip and Onion Soup, which also included potatoes. I think the potato cut the turnip-y taste a bit and helped me enjoy them more.

I also made a yummy chicken stir fry that included the tatsoi and snap peas. Snap peas are really tasty! I’ve been missing out on those for sure. I used the greens from both the turnips and beets in a lentil dish, which was good as well.

My one “fail” for the week was the kale and the beets, surprisingly. I do like both. But I tried a kale and roasted beet salad that just didn’t taste good leftover. It was good the first time I ate it when it was fresh. The second time i had it, I choked it down a little. And then i just couldn’t bring myself to eat the third serving. Live and learn, i guess.

Do you have any good recipe suggestions for the next time I see kale or beets in my share?


Types of Hurt

My trainer has told me more than once now that you can’t beat yourself up for your feelings.That you’re feeling what you’re feeling for a reason. Sometimes I think I’ve got a trainer and therapist in one.

I was going to start this post saying that I feel bad complaining about something so trivial when someone in my family is on her deathbed as we speak.

But then I remembered those words from my trainer. And I am allowed to hurt in two ways right now.

One way is physical and mental – my knees. They’ve had me sidelined for a week now. I miss running. I miss cardio in general. I feel like a bum. I pushed too hard, and now I’m paying for it.

The other way is emotional – my grandma is dying. The DNR was signed yesterday and the doctors were surprised she made it through the night. I got out of work early today and went to visit. Honestly, it was terrible. The woman that I knew as my grandma wasn’t there anymore. Her spirit gone, but her body not yet ready to follow.

And right now, I’m hurting.