CSA End of Week 1

Who would have thought produce could be stressful? It was the Asian greens. I had planned to cook them in a soup on Wednesday but due to some family issues, I wasn’t able to. And I had plans on Thursday evening (another 5k!), so I was worried I would find a slimy mess on Friday instead of the crisp bunch of greens I had picked up the weekend before.

I guess the best thing about a CSA is that the produce is so fresh. The Asian greens held out! I used them in a soup and also sauteed some to go along with some pork I had leftover.

I was a lean, mean, vegetable eating machine last week.

My biggest cooking success of the week was the Swiss Chard with white beans and sausage, using this recipe: Kale with Sausage and White Beans.  

I also made a pretty banging radish and kohlrabi slaw using the following as a guide: Radish Salad.

That was definitely my first encounter with kohlrabi and I haven’t eaten a ton of radishes that I know of. But show me a recipe that lets me use the fresh cilantro in my garden, and I’ll try it.

My only bummer of the week was the turnips. I don’t know that I like turnips. I tried making turnip fries in the oven… I did force myself to eat them throughout the week, but today what was left went in the garbage.

So I guess turnips 1, Jaime 0?


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