2015 CSA Challenge

Back in the spring I signed up for my first ever CSA share from Easy Pickin’s Orchard. I chose this particular farm because they offer half shares and also include fruit in their weekly shares. Well, fast forward to last Saturday and it was already time for my first CSA pickup!

I decided I really like the idea of prepaid produce.

I also decided that this was indeed going to be a challenge upon seeing the actual size of my half share. I had gone to the orientation meeting a couple weeks before and learned that I could either take the bin the produce was in home and bring it back the next week, or bring a reusable bag to put everything in. I showed up with my little reusable tote and realized that all this wasn’t going to fit.

Hello, my pretties

Hello, my pretties

Off the bin and I went home, and I realized I needed to do something with all this fresh goodness. Good thing I’ve been hoarding produce bags from the grocery store for ages, is all I have to say.

While I was prepping my fresh-gotten gains, I realized that I would likely find eating all these fresh veggies in a week to be a challenge. A good kind of challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. I’ve been struggling with adding more vegetables to my diet in my adult life. As a kid, I would have told you corn and tomatoes were my favorite veggies. And now I find myself staring at the alien-looking kohlrabi, imagining it waving it’s “arms” at me, saying “eat me!”

So I challenged myself to waste minimally and find new ways to enjoy all these locally grown veggies coming into my home for the next 19 weeks.

Lettuce, radishes, chard, Asian greens, turnips

Lettuce, radishes, chard, Asian greens, turnips

Kohlrabi, scallions, strawberries

Kohlrabi, scallions, strawberries

Week 1 Contenders

  • Lettuce (I got this one!)
  • Swiss chard
  • Harkurei turnips (and the greens!!)
  • Scallions
  • Radishes
  • Red Asian greens
  • Kohlrabi
  • Strawberries (yummy)

It’s Wednesday and I can say I’m off to a good start already. I’ll update you later this week on how I did!

Do you have participate in a CSA? Let me know if you have any recipe suggestions!


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