Week In Review

It’s Been Quiet Around Here

I’ve been MIA for a while. I didn’t mean to be. I’ve been composing blog posts in my head (and then forgetting what I wanted to say) all week. But it seems like when life gets busy, blogging is what gets neglected. After all, it can be a pretty easy thing to ignore, compared to a pile of laundry, a work deadline or a sink full of dishes.

I’ve also been in a bad head space again lately. I don’t quite know what’s been going on. I’ve been doing a lot of self sabotaging with my eating and I can’t figure out what my trigger is. I talked to my trainer about it yesterday and she suggested that I get off my routine for a week. Stop tracking and measuring my food. Don’t do the workout routines she gave me. Instead, try to make healthy choices and just do what I want for workouts – whether it’s more cardio, yoga or just making up some strength routines.

And the funny thing is, I had been thinking myself that I need a break from tracking. I’ve been doing it for over a year now. As I’m sure most people reading this are aware, it’s a lot of work to measure out and track all the food you eat. Not that I’ve been 100% perfect about it, but even when I haven’t been, the stress of tracking is always there.

So it’s day two of not tracking my food. It’s been a rocky start. My bad head space lead to some poor choices yesterday and with the holiday today, I was just trying not to overindulge too much. It was really weird packing my lunch and snacks for work tomorrow and just kind of throwing in what I wanted, without thinking about ounces or macros. But I am also already feeling some relief, some mental freedom. I guess we’ll see what this week brings. Because boy, did I feel defeated yesterday morning when I was talking to my trainer about how I was feeling.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Did you find anything that helped?


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Quiet Around Here

  1. Gosh, it’s so important to give yourself a break sometimes. I can’t believe you’ve been tracking for a year! That’s a long time to be counting everything. Good for your for sticking with it and for giving yourself a break. When I’m in bad headspace (or lately, just really, really tired), I need to give myself breaks for the sake of sanity.

    You’ll get back there. Enjoy the freedom and hopefully it will help you recharge so you can get back into it with a fresh perspective. 🙂

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