Week In Review

Another Week, Another Sunday

Earlier today I told my friend how once it gets to Sunday evening evening, I start to feel a bit stressed and depressed. She said she calls it Sunday Night Depression. I think the appropriate Rx for this is a vacation. (Six weeks until cruise time!)

Does anyone else get down on Sunday nights? I’m dreading going back to another tedious work week. But I guess it could be worse. I mean, last week did kind of suck work-wise, but I got through it and only had one really terrible 10.5 hour day. And there were good things about the week.

I went on an outside (!!) run on Sunday. I had a nice power yoga class on Monday. I had a decent run on the treadmill on Friday. I enjoyed some delicious healthy (and colorful! see tomorrow’s post) food. I was challenged (per usual) at my trainer Saturday morning. I treated myself to some gorgeous cupcakes at the farmers market as a reward. (Oops.)

And being able to do all those things means that I do have it pretty good. What the heck – bring it on, Monday.


3 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Sunday

  1. Sunday nights used to be hard for me. I’ve found that developing a special routine specific for that night makes a big difference. Every Sunday, I do my longest run, come home, get the boys to sleep, and watch my one show of the week with my husband. It’s the night of the week I look forward to the most!

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