Week In Review

Run Run Run

Sometimes I surprise myself.

For example, I got in two outside runs this weekend! Two! I did 4.25 miles after work on Friday, and it felt pretty good. The bigger hills were rough, but I managed them. Then this morning, I woke up and checked the weather – it sounded cold and gross out – and decided that it should be a gym day. Well, I walked out to my car and thought, hey, it’s not so bad out. The birds were chirping, and it was just a bit brisk. So I turned around, went back inside to throw another layer on and went back out and ran 3.3 miles.

It was a little colder than I thought, once I got away from the protection of the buildings. But being outside felt so much better than pounding away on the treadmill.It’s kind of amazing to me that I actually like running now. My whole life I thought I hated it. Not that I had ever even tried it. I didn’t run the mile once during gym class when I was in school.

I’ve come a long way. And getting those runs in this weekend made me feel good.

Here’s some other things that made me feel good this past week:

  • Eating some yummy spring rolls that my friend made
  • Eating pho for the first time!
  • Finally having a good weigh in at the trainer (despite all the eating this week)
  • Getting my bonus!
  • Splurging on a couple new outfits
  • Having lady time with friends and trying a yummy flatbread pizza restaurant
  • Enjoying some downtime this weekend
  • Trying some new recipes and having them turn out well

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