Week In Review

Social Butterfly

It was another busy weekend. I had social events all three nights. Which meant the healthy eating plan went out the window. I really need to figure out how to work on moderation in social situations. This is especially important because…

I booked a cruise in May for my (and 4 of my high school friends’) dirty 30! With an unlimited beverage package.

I’m excited. But also a little terrified of a potential week of gluttony. I plan to bring exercise clothes to use the ship’s fitness center. But what if I’m too hungover every morning? Or too tired? And at the same time I also want to enjoy my vacation. Not stress about what I’m eating and drinking.

So how do I train myself that when I don’t have my day’s meals and snacks laid out for me (planned out the night before in MyFitnessPal), I don’t go completely overboard (LOL cruise pun) with what I eat?

I don’t have the answer tonight. I’m going to work on finding it in the next two months though.

Right now, I’m tired and cranky. And full. My glutes hurt a ton from pistol squats and I can’t believe it’s already after 8 pm.

I want my hour back.


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