Mid-Week Break

Excitement and Changes

Isn’t it funny how the smallest change can make you feel so many things? I got a hair cut last night. I’ve been wearing my hair the same, kind of blah way, for a while and I wanted to do something different so I had layers put back in. I love the sides but I’m not positive on the length in the back yet. The good news there is that I can always have the length chopped off so it’s not so rounded.

Not mullet-y, right?

Not mullet-y, right?

What do you think? It’s making me feel pretty, nervous (can I style it the same way myself?) and unsure (probably about styling it, maybe about other people’s reactions). And it’s just a haircut!

I’m just going to try to just rock it at work today.

Now on the excitement. My friends and I have been trying to plan a 30th birthday trip this year for months. We’ve finally decided on something. I woke up to rates from my travel agent this morning. I am super excited, but part of me is worried that this could all still fall through. Keep your fingers crossed for us! It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a big vacation like this.


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