Week In Review

Can I Have Another Day?

I’m tired. I’m bummed that it’s pretty much time for bed already and the weekend is over. So I’m going to keep this short. It was a busy, but nice, weekend! I:

  • Got my second pedi ever in my life – they’re so nice, I just don’t like spending the money.
  • Invested in a good set of basic plates from Crate and Barrel – goodbye Correlle ware, it’s been nice. I actually got kind of choked up after I bought the dishes because it felt good, like I was investing in my future (and not waiting for a bridal shower that might never happen to have nice things… but that might be a whole other post).
  • Had my body fat measured – it’s actually down from the fall, even though my weight is up. Guess I’m putting on muscle!
  • Spent some more money on a new TV stand (for my future new TV) and matching side tables – they match the sofa table I have now. Yay for matching furniture!
  • Panicked a little over spending money… but I have a tax refund and bonus coming, so it’s okay, right?
  • Did some freelance editing for a friend.
  • Also did all my cooking, cleaning and laundry.

I’m beat! How was your weekend?


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