Week In Review

A Run Outside! and An Ongoing Obsession

Today was a good end to the weekend. Waking up to snow, cooking and cleaning all day… none of that could put a damper on the glorious sunshine and 40 degree weather. I went for a run outside!

3.3 mils of sun!

3.3 mils of sun!

It was actually kind of rough. My legs felt tired pretty quickly. The treadmill is turning me into a pansy. But soon enough (almost) all runs will be outdoor runs!

Meanwhile, in the dressing room…

Another thing that popped up again this week is my obsession with buying workout clothes. At first I was buying them because I needed them when I joined the gym. And then I needed stuff for running when I started running. Then I needed fall/early winter running clothes. Now I just like buying exercise clothes. And Kohl’s got new stuff in.

At least I didn't buy all of it...

At least I didn’t buy all of it…

I was shopping like I had a 30% off coupon. And I didn’t. There’s just something fun about a cute new outfit to get your sweat on in. Where do you go to get the best deals on workout clothes?


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