Mid-Week Break


One of the most motivating parts of embarking on a fitness journey is having goals. There’s the big goal at the end of the journey that you’re continually working towards, and smaller goals along the way. And achieving those goals is oh-so-sweet.

I think I’m been slowing on my journey lately because I’ve met a lot of my original, smaller goals and I have vague ideas of new goals in my head. But I haven’t committed to anything new recently. Just the overarching goal of living a fit life, which is pretty intangible in and of itself.

So it’s time for me to start considering some additional goals to add to my path. While I’m doing well with physical fitness, I think my emotional fitness could use some work. I want to be fit in every sense of the word, and having an unhealthy relationship with a certain family member is not helping. This goal is tricky though, because I’m not sure how to approach it. Do I limit my time with that person? Do I consider therapy for myself?

I also want to add some more tangible goals. I’m toying with signing up for a half marathon this year, but the idea of running for two to three hours is pretty terrifying… and a little exciting, if I’m being honest. I think it’s going to come down to just forgetting my fears and signing up for a race. Then I’ll have to work towards it.

On top of those two, I think I also want to have some mini goals… little things that can be achieved quickly. For example, doing a full head stand in yoga.

I’m going to keep thinking on it and report back.

Do you find setting goals for yourself helps too?


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