Week In Review

Week In Review: Sweaty Selfies?

I am getting sucked into a Hallmark movie instead of cleaning my house. So I figure, might as well multitask and get something off my to-do list! I almost don’t want to think back over the last week. At least to the beginning of it. Between hormones, the full moon and work stress, I felt like a terrible mess.

I also fell prey to emotional eating. I guess the good news is that all the sea salt caramels are gone now.

The better news is that I still managed to drop 1.2 pounds of holiday weight… Still a little more to go though.

As the week went on, I started feeling a bit better. I’ve also gotten over my mental block against the treadmill by working on running some intervals. Over the last year I was more focused on building my distance and endurance, that I wasn’t that concerned about speed. Small increases were coming naturally and I was glad to be running sub-10 minute miles consistently by the fall. Running inside, I’ve realized that focusing on distance is pretty miserable, so I am trying to mix it up a bit. So far, so good!

Another exciting thing is that my trainer is starting a point tracking program where we can earn free services with her. We get points for logging or journaling our meals and workouts, points for workouts themselves, and points for taking pictures of healthy meals and for sweaty selfies. Between yesterday and today I’ve been wracking up the healthy meal pics, but I totally forgot to take a selfie after I rocked 4 miles on the treadmill this morning. Shoot.


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