Week In Review

Week In Review: Christmas Countdown Is On

I think I’m due for a new laptop. This one can’t even handle word documents anymore. I had a whole post typed up and lost it (twice now!)… That’ll teach me not to save while I’m working (apparently I’m a slow learner today). Well, let’s see… Can I remember what I wrote?

I think I finally have Christmas under control. I finished my shopping. Presents are wrapped under the tree. I have all the ingredients I need for my giant day of baking on Tuesday. I think it’s finally time to relax. And that’s what I’m doing today with some Hallmark Christmas movies. (Anyone else love these??)

And I’m already way off track from where this post should be going. I think it’s because I don’t really want to rehash last week. It was just stressful and exhausting. Work has been rough with a lot of work coming in and people being out for the holidays. I also ran a bunch of errands during the week, which isn’t my favorite thing. I’m the type of person that really needs my downtime. Add on getting up for my morning workouts, and it was a busy week.

I also had a bad time at a holiday party last night, thanks to my mom trying to set me up with a 45-year-old man. Uhm, I’m not even 30!

So rather than continue to complain, I’m going to pick my top 5 good things from the week:

  • I finally took my bag of clothes that no longer fit to Clothes Mentor – and I made over 50 bucks on them! I hope whoever gets them next enjoys them. I had a lot of good, almost brand new stuff.
  • I had my team lunch at J. Gilbert’s, a very nice restaurant, and got to enjoy a 3-course meal with wine. It was a nice time and I’m going to miss my team. We just had a department re-org, so our teams got all moved around.
  • I got outside for a run on Sunday; the sun was out and it felt good!
  • I ended up with a private yoga class on Monday because no one else showed up – awesome!
  • The Christmas presents I sent to out-of-state friends arrived on time.

Let’s hope this coming week is less stressful and full of more good things.


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