Mid-Week Break

Mid-Week Break: Dreadmill

I have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. I started calling it the dreadmill when I attempted Couch to 5k years ago. I almost passed out after that first 30 minute run in week nine (which was nowhere near a 10 minute mile pace). I hated running. And I hated running on the dreadmill.

It was boring and noisy and I couldn’t hear the TV over it. I decided running wasn’t for me as I laid on the floor that day trying not to black out.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Then, when I joined the gym last year, I decided to give the treadmill another chance. Personal TVs on each one with headphone jacks! Surprisingly quiet belts! I could get the hang of that. And get the hang of that I did. I had tried running outside earlier that year and had trouble running for a mile straight. But on the treadmill, I could keep a steady pace on no incline and slowly build up my pace and distance.

The first attempt, I was jogging at 4 mph. But I was jogging! And I did it for 20 minutes. And I kept on keeping on, as they say.

After I got that endurance up (and the weather grew nicer), I transitioned to running outside and found my pace and distance improving quickly. I also found myself starting to enjoy running – a minor miracle when you consider the hate I used to feel towards it.

But now that the days are shorter and the temperature has dropped, I’m forced back inside. And I’m borderline back to thinking of it as the dreadmill. I should be glad that it’s there so I can run year-round. And I’m sure once the roads are snowy, I will be. But for now, I’m resistant to the transition. I want my open roads and my time observing the world around me.

So, am I alone with my conflicted feelings towards the treadmill? Are there any pieces of gym equipment that you have a love-hate relationship with?


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