Fit Fav Friday

Fit Fav Friday: Food Scale

I love my food scale. However, I don’t think everyone appreciates the usefulness of one. The first time my dad saw it on my counter he asked me if I was selling drugs.

Even if you aren’t concerned about keeping accurate track of what you eat, a food scale is still a great kitchen tool. I once counted out an entire bag of chocolate chips in order to figure out how many were in an ounce, in order to measure 2 ounces for a recipe. Now I just weigh!

food scale

For calorie tracking, weighing often can be a lot more accurate than measuring. For example, I like to weigh fruit such as grapes. You can’t get an accurate measurement using measuring cups because of the space between the fruit. It’s also really handy for meat and cheese – you no longer have to eyeball and wonder if that’s a golf ball or a deck of cards!

Yes, it’s a little more time-consuming than just guesstimating, but once you make it a habit, it really helps you see results.

Who’s with me on the food scale love?


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