Mid-Week Break

Mid-Week Break: Listening to Your Body

I think most people who are just starting out on a fitness journey forget to listen to their bodies. I know I did. We’re gung ho and caught up in the excitement of the potential we see before us. And we’ve yet to learn that our bodies give us signals to let us know when enough is enough. Some of us learn this the hard way.

Luckily for me, it didn’t take a serious injury for me to learn this lesson. Instead, I learned the importance of varying up my routine from minor aches in my knees and feet, and the importance of rest days from feeling a little too tired for too long. I’ve learned to tell the difference between my brain saying “no” and my body saying “no.”

Sometimes when my brain is saying “no,” I can’t get out of my head and tell it “yes,” and continue on. Not every workout is perfect.  But usually I am smart enough to say, “okay, you’re right,” when there’s a firm “no” from my body.

And right now I’m struggling with one of those declarations from my body. I’ve been experiencing slight tingling in my pinky and ring fingers after power yoga class. The first few times, I brushed it off, figuring I had been putting a lot of pressure on my hands and some sensation was normal. The feeling subsided by the next day, so I wasn’t worried about it.

However last week, I went to a foam rolling intro class before power yoga, and then the yoga session involved very intense upper body work. Here I am six days later still feeling a slight warm tingle in those four fingers.

I’m left wondering:

Do I go to yoga this week?
Was it just the combination of foam rolling, which also involved a lot of holding myself up with my hands, and then yoga after, that caused the longer term tingling?
Can I make adjustments in my yoga practice – keeping more weight in my legs, making sure pressure is evenly distributed across my hands – and find relief that way?
What about my December challenge of the month? I haven’t practiced crow pose at all because I’ve been too nervous to.
Is this a long-term issue that I’m going to have to deal with?

I self-diagnosed my issue as ulnar nerve compression in the wrists/elbow and talked to one of my wonderful nurse friends, who agrees that is the most likely problem.

I enjoy my yoga practice. The thought of stopping is distressing to me. But I also know that yoga shouldn’t cause injury. Just how much do my fingers have to tingle before I listen to the message my body is trying to send to me?


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