Fit Fav Friday

Fit Fav Friday: No-Calorie Beverages

I’m a big water fan, but sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. When that happens, I turn to no-calorie beverages. And I’m not talking about diet soda (I don’t even want to get into how terrible soda is for you… even if I do indulge myself every so often).

When water isn’t cutting it, I reach for a nice cold seltzer or a warm cup of tea. The cold carbonation of seltzer is so satisfying when I’m thirsty and sometimes even helps when I’m craving a sweet snack. My favorite flavors are raspberry lime and pink grapefruit.

When I’ve got a chill or want something comforting, I make myself a nice mug of tea. Between Teavana and Trader Joe’s, I’ve got quite a collection going. It almost made my drive in to work bearable this morning as I drank a nice, hot peppermint tea. Almost. Traffic was terrible.

That seltzer bottle is empty for a reason

That seltzer bottle is empty for a reason

Both seltzer and tea feel like a treat, with none of the guilt. It’s great when simple things like a drink can help contribute to health and fitness goals.

Are there any everyday food or drinks that are your fit favs?


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