Week In Review

Week In Review: 11/23/2014-11/29/2014

The holidays are officially here. And with that comes a lot of blown diets. I know I blew mine for sure. The good thing is that I stuck to my workouts for the week, even though I was still feeling under the weather.

Manchester Road Race

Ready to run!

I also ran my first ever Manchester Road Race Thanksgiving morning. My dad had been after me for years to at least come walk it and now that I’m running, I decided to give it a try. It’s about 4.7 miles and I figured my time would be around 47 minutes… Part of me hoped I’d squeak in under 45 minutes to seed for next year. Little did I know what running with 15,000 other people was like. This is a race to enjoy and burn some calories before you stuff yourself with turkey, not a race to worry too much about your time. I enjoyed it (and was also frustrated by it) but the verdict is out on whether I will do it next year.

I also hosted a Cookie Party on Saturday. Let’s just say that when I ask my friends to bring some cookies, they. bring. the. cookies. I made some delicious apps (if I don’t say so myself) including lemon garlic hummus, pumpkin pecan baked brie and chili dip.

cookie party apps

Delicious apps

cookie party

And the cookies

Today I’ve been into too many leftovers, but I’m not going to let them go to waste. I’ll get back on track tomorrow. And I mean it.


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