Week In Review

Week In Review: 11/16/2014-11/22-2014

I wanted it to be a better week than it was. I was super excited to launch my blog, had a theater afternoon planned with my Dad and his wife on Sunday, and was looking forward to a friendsgiving Saturday night. So I had a lot of nice things to look forward to. And I ended up with a horrible cold. It came on Sunday afternoon while I was at the theater seeing The Circus In Winter. It seemed like all of sudden I had a massive headache and bad sore throat.


My beautiful (and not healthy) fudge pies

Monday I was in denial about being sick, so I did my strength training at the gym in the morning and went to power yoga in the evening. I felt weak and was having a rough time moving through my vinyasa. Tuesday was a rest day, so I was able to sleep in later (and I worked from home, so extra sleep instead of commuting time!). I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling Monday until I was feeling better (but still bad) on Tuesday.

Wednesday I was feeling really good, so I went back to the gym for some strength training. And I thought I was over the hump. Thursday, I woke up with sinus congestion and a runny nose. I went to the gym anyway and did the elliptical for some cardio. I had to be in the office that day and I steadily went downhill. I left early because I was feeling so miserable and finished my day from home.

Friday is usually another cardio day, but instead I decided I needed another rest day. I was a snotty mess and didn’t want to deal with that.

Saturday I went to my usual session with my trainer. We took it a little easy since I was still pretty congested. Then I baked two pies and made my super delicious black bean salsa and went to friendsgiving hoping I wasn’t going to contaminate everyone with my germs. I ended up napping on the couch…

I think I’m finally on the upswing now… so here’s hoping for a better week this week. I’ve got my first Manchester Road Race coming up!


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