Fit Fav Friday

Fit Fav Friday: MyFitnessPal

Breakfast - yum!

Breakfast – yum!

On my first Fit Fav Friday, I have to give a shout out to one of the tools I use every single day to keep on track – MyFitnessPal.

The first time I attempted any sort of serious weight loss was when I was in college. I had read that keeping a food diary and tracking your calories were the best way to succeed. My tools were a pen, a notebook and google. I manually calculated everything I ate. It worked, but it was time consuming.

We sure have come a long way when it comes to tools for counting calories.

Now, I can just type in or even scan the bar code on whatever I just ate and MyFitnessPal calculates it for me. It’s easy to input and save recipes for dishes that I’ve made. It helps me keep track of my protein, fat and carb intake. I track my daily exercise (and try very hard not to eat back those calories).

Look at those stats!

Look at those stats!

I know there’s a lot of apps out there that do similar things, but my props go out to MyFitnessPal. I just wish I had more of my friends using it – so if you’re on it and want a new friend, look me up @clipherwings and say “hi.”

Do you have any favorite apps? What else should I check out?


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