Mid-Week Break

Mid-Week Break – Gentle Thoughts

One of the biggest things I’ve been working on lately is being kinder to myself. Most of us are our own worst critics. I know I am. I mentally beat myself up when I don’t meet the expectations I set out for myself. And I’m harsh.

Why am I so harsh? After all, I get up every day and continue on my journey towards a healthier self. If I make a detour here and there, shouldn’t I just enjoy it?

That’s why every time I see this little inspirational poster around, I try to take it as a gentle reminder.

doing the best you can

Image source: Pinterest

On days when I weigh in a little high, when I didn’t stick to my eating plan at the party, when my run just sucked, I try to remind myself that I still tried. After all, that’s what is important. Fitness is a journey and a lifestyle – a little detour doesn’t change that.


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