newly fit life, Welcome

Newly Fit Life – How My Journey Began

Just over a year ago, I wasn’t feeling too great about myself. My weight was creeping up. I wasn’t happy in my own skin. I was forcing myself to go out on too many bad internet dates, thinking being single was the source of my unhappiness. But those dates weren’t making me feel any better.

I realized I was going to be 30 in less than two years and that this was not how I wanted to finish out my 20s.

As a female, the weight gain was initially what bothered me the most. I wasn’t taking care of myself and I knew it was a slippery slope where 10 pounds could easily turn into 20 and so on. So I thought maybe it was time to finally get into shape. I wasn’t technically overweight, but I had never been in shape in my life. I couldn’t run a mile. I wasn’t strong. What if I started focusing on making a positive change for myself and stopped focusing on what others (i.e., men) could bring to my life.

I challenged myself to get into the best shape of my life by my 30th birthday. That’s a good way to start out the next decade of my life, no?

I made it my goal. And it truly felt good to have a goal to work towards.

Now here I am a year later and I feel like a new person. Still almost six months from the big 3-0 and I am truly in the best shape of my life. In the last year, I’ve learned how to run and even how to enjoy running (mostly). I ran 6.5 miles last Sunday. I now strength train twice a week on my own and once a week with my trainer (who is an amazingly positive influence in my life). I also started going to power yoga once a week.

In short, I’ve made fitness a priority and because of that, most days I now feel really good about myself. But I know this isn’t a journey with an ending. Instead, I now want to dedicate myself to taking care of myself for the rest of my life. Because I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t taking care of myself before.

And that’s partly where this blog comes in. Writing is one of my passions that has gotten lost in the realities of adult life. I’ve put it aside for too long. I’ve missed it. I haven’t been taking care of the creative side of myself either.

So why not write about my new-found love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle? And so I welcome you to Newly Fit Life!

I hope you’ll enjoy continuing on my fitness journey with me. I look forward to hearing stories, advice and tips from you.


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